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Engine and Chassis building

The Circuit Motorsports facility has just about everything on site we need to customize and upgrade your vehicle. We have an engine builder and a fabricator on staff to ensure that we can completely upgrade a vehicle the right way without taking unnecessary and ugly shortcuts on installs and builds.

Some of our Fabrication services include:

  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Custom intercooler piping
  • Custom exhaust piping and turbo piping
  • EWG fabrication and installs
  • Bracketry and mounts
  • Chassis repair and patching
  • Bead rolling
  • Bung installs

We also maintain a special “clean room” that we use for engine builds and transmission upgrades. This keeps shop dirt and debris out of the work area to ensure the engine is built to our specific tolerances without issue. We have the ability to completely teardown an engine or transmission and build you a better and much stronger version. Some of our services here include:

  • Completely forged bottom end builds
  • Headwork to include valves, springs, retainers, cams, portwork etc.
  • Intake manifold porting and fabrication
  • Closed deck block builds
  • Transmission rebuilds with upgraded gears and internals
  • Hybrid builds with proper piston and/or chamber work
  • Custom engine and turbo setups

Circuit Motorsports is also capable of installing, upgrading and maintaining your chassis and suspension setup, such as:

  • Coilover installs and setup
  • Corner balancing
  • Performance alignments
  • Swaybar and endlink upgrades
  • Chassis bracing fab and installs
  • Shock and spring combo upgrades
  • Complete suspension upgrade packages
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